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Dear Attorney,

We have over 20 years of experience in Personal Injury and Workers' Compensation cases.
We are also experts in the diagnosis, appropriate treatment and aggressive documentation of traumatically-induced injuries.
Rest assured that your clients will be treated professionally - with dignity, compassion and courtesy.

Our medical and rehabilitation staff has been specially trained in the validation, diagnosis, and treatment, as appropriate, of Personal Injury and Workers' Compensation patients. Through continuing education programs, our staff is always current on regulations and insurance guidelines affecting the processing of insurance claims relating to injury, pain and suffering.

We provide a comprehensive evaluation of every patient's daily living activities and are able to demonstrate and document any diminishment of activity as well as each patient's pain and suffering. From initial diagnosis through follow-up treatment, we maintain continual administrative overview of every case.

We have an expanded range-of-motion protocol where clients are measured every two months until the termination of their care. We understand that documentation of a significant loss or restriction in range-of-motion is vital in demonstrating the presence of a significant injury. Furthermore, when significant loss is present 5-6 months post accident, it is then appropriate to delineate that the loss is permanent. We are obviously aware of this threshold criterion and understand that the presence of a disc injury alone is no longer sufficient. Our range-of-motion testing is carried out utilizing an objective digital inclinometer. Measurements are produced on graph format comparing the measured data to normals, enabling a percentage of loss calculation.

We extend every possible courtesy and consideration to you and your clients. When needed, we will be happy to furnish free transportation for your clients.

There will be no charge to your clients for the initial pre-authorization consultations and examinations.

If you wish to speak to one of our key people, please call us.

For your convenience, we are pleased to provide you with reprints of articles that may be of interest to you.

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